Oak Seed, Inc. is a Louisville, Kty. company focusing on the restoration of historic buildings in the Old Louisville neighborhood, particularly near or along the Oak Street corridor.

530 West Oak St.

530 W. Oak, Dec. 2006

In November of 2004, Oak Seed, Inc. purchased a three-lot complex of buildings and land anchored around 530 W. Oak St, including 4000 sqft of residential and 3000 sqft of commercial space. We have substantially restored this property from a vacant to a functional state, and preserved it for residential and commercial use. We believe these buildings, due to their long history of use, unique architecture and versatile configuration, are important to the present public and private revitalization of the Oak St. corridor.

433 East Oak St.

433 E. Oak, Oct. 2008

In August of 2005, Oak Seed, Inc. purchased another corner property at Jackson & Oak. This building was historically a small grocery and private residence, but was converted to a boarding house sometime in the late 20th century. We intended to sustain it in its existing form as well as possible until the 530 W Oak project was near completion, then begin reverting it back to something like it's original use. However, a fire in 2008 mostly destroyed the interior as well as the roof and some structural members. Therefore, we diverted all attention to rebuilding 433 E Oak, and converted it into five apartments in the process (from 10 boarding rooms), with the first-floor footprint remaining open so as to one day contain another small business.

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