530 W. Oak is within the Old Louisville/Limerick Traditional Neighborhood Zoning District (TNZD). The TNZD was established in 2002 "to help focus the business development along Oak Street, and to protect the historic significance of the community," as stated in October, 2004's "Oak Street Charette."

TNZD Map, Old Louisville

The TNZD Plan Map lists 530 as a "Corner Commercial Lot," one of only 33 in the district. These lots are important historic community anchor points where traditional businesses may be housed. Examples of these include book stores, cafés, and music and art supply shops, among many others. These lots are unique because they are outside the designated commercial Neighborhood Center but are still defined as standalone commercial spaces within the Neighborhood General (residential) Zone.

530 W. Oak is on the southeast corner of 6th and Oak streets. On the northwest corner is the Stuart Apartments building, which was purchased in 2003 by Baja Works. The 18,000-sqft building now houses 20 apartments, including units on the first floor which may be converted later into shop spaces, as they were originally. This is the second Baja Works project on Oak; in 2002, the group opened Seven Oaks, a 28-unit apartment and townhouse complex at the corner of 7th and Oak streets. Baja Works also owns three successive lots directly across from 530 W. Oak, on the northeast corner, which will be the site of future construction.


The property may be divided up into six zones, each of which has unique purposes and options for use:

Overhead Schematic - Floorplan Streetside Diagram - Building Facade
  • Div A - 526 W. Oak (Vacant): This lot is listed with Louisville PVA as Residential-Vacant, and with MSD as Parking. It is presently grass-covered, and could remain as a property separator and garden, perhaps developed into a "pocket park," which the Charrette suggests as one of many potential physical improvements to the corridor.
  • Div B - 528 W. Oak (House): The 1350-sqft cottage is the only single-unit structure on the property. It is presently occupied as a 2-bedroom unit, with living room and dining room, one bath and kitchen.
  • Div C - 530 W. Oak (Bakery/Tavern): The 1400-sqft tavern is the most architecturally interesting and useful space in the complex. The tavern is one open, undivided room, making it ideal for housing large numbers of people and giving it flexible configuration options. It had not been for approximately 25 years before opening as an art and performance exhibition space in 2006.
  • Div D - 1203 S. 6th (Apartment): One of the partners of Oak Seed, Inc. occupies this unit, comprising two floors and 2000 sqft. There is also an office in the rear of the building on the ground floor of the kitchen/bath addition, which is intended for use with the 530 space.
  • Div E - 1205 & 1205½ S. 6th (Offices): This division contains two offices. The smaller one is the operating location of Oak Seed, Inc.; the other, at 250 sqft is suitable for a small business, such as an artist's studio, book shop, etc (now under renovation).
  • Div F - 1207 & 1207½ S. 6th (Carriage House): The 1207 office is similar to 1205½. There is also a 700 sqft apartment on the second floor, with private front entrance. The garage has concrete floor and ceiling, and ceramic-block walls.

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